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Advanced .NET


24 hours

About the Course


This training covers three major areas: Dependency Management in .NET, Asynchronous Future in .NET Framework and C# Tips and Tricks.


Learn about the basic principles of dependency management, DI patterns and anti-patterns, DI containers

Learn the capabilities of working with asynchronous operations on the .NET platform, Reactive Extensions and Power Threading.

Review the features of the C# 9.0 language.

Target Audience

Senior .NET Developers and Architects

Professional developers familiar with the basic principles and concepts of the .NET platform and basics of multithreading


Basics of .NET platform


Dependency Management in .NET

SOLID principles

IoC vs DI

Stable and variable dependencies

Composition, Aggregation, Inheritance

Dependency Inversion Principles

Basic concepts

DI Patterns and Anti-Patterns

Composition Root, Various types of Injection

Ambient Context

Examples of Containers in .NET Autofac


Task Parallel Library

Reactive extensions library


Latest C# features

Exception handling tips and tricks

A certificate will be issued after completing the course.

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