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Basic .NET


40 hours

About the Course


The course covers the specifics of Microsoft .NET 7.0, basic data structure and syntax in C#.


Understand .NET concepts and improve knowledge and skills in software development with C#.

Target Audience

Experienced programmers (C, C++, Java and other programming languages) that want to learn how to work with .Net and C# as well as programmers that are just starting to work with .Net and C#.


Experience in development with С, С++, Java or other programming language

Key topics

Platform overview

OOP in C# (Data types, Arithmetical and logical operations, Conditionals Loops, Arrays, Functions, Classes, Methods, Fields, Class constructor and destructor, Encapsulation, Access specifiers, Inheritance, Polymorphism)

Operator overloading

Exception handling

Type conversion

Generic templates


Embedded query language


Lambda, Events,Reflection, Attributes,


Garbage Collector

A certificate will be issued after completing the course.

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