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Domain Driven Design Strategic design and architecture


8 hours

About the Course


Participants will learn how Domain-Driven Design (DDD) helps software developers build complex enterprise systems. They will analyse Strategic (Bounded Contexts) design and business logic software architecture patterns and apply them to a real-world example. With this training, participants will gain a deeper understanding of DDD and be able to apply this knowledge to their own projects.

Target Audience

Experienced software developers, Solution Architects, Business Analysts


System design knowledge



DDD Overview

Ubiquitous Language

Introduction of the concepts used in DDD

Strategic and Tactical Design

DDD Prerequisites

OOD principles

Architectural Business Logic Patterns

Strategic Design

  • Domains, Subdomains

  • Bounded Contexts

  • Context Maps

  • Practice Session #1 – Applying Strategic Design (Identify Bounded Contexts & Ubiquitous Language)

A certificate will be issued after completing the course.

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