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Domain Driven Design Hands On


24 hours

About the Course


This training will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to guide your team effectively and efficiently in their domain-driven design journey.

Our technical training focuses on teaching collaborative modeling, business, and software architecture with the strategic design. We help you create highly specific domain models, tactical design patterns, and arrange teams and architecture with the help of the context map. We also cover concepts such as ubiquitous language and the motivation for close cooperation between domain experts and software developers.

Target audience

Experienced software development engineers, solution architects, business analysts, technology managers


Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Principles

Object Oriented Design (OOD) Principles

Software Design Patterns (GoF)

Software Architecture Patterns

Day 1

Overview of domain driven design, ubiquitous language, and the motivation for close cooperation between domain experts and software developers.

Day 2

Strategic domain-driven design. It helps you differentiate between the problem space and the solution space. Our case studies provide a practical approach to separate the problem domains into sub-domains and categorize them as core, support, or generic domains. Learn how to identify the correct bounded contexts in the solution space.

Day 3

Overview and Implementation of tactical domain-driven design in practice. Will start with in-depth design-level event storming for one of the bounded contexts, helping you to identify candidates for aggregates, services, and policies. We will also help you to look for suitable candidates for entities and value objects.

We will cover the bounded contexts and governance. Additionally, we will focus on context-mapping designs in the literature on domain-driven design, as well as provide a brief overview of alternatives such as team topologies.

A certificate will be issued after completing the course.

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