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TDD in C++/.NET/Java


16 hours

About the Course


This training allows you to learn the basics of test-driven development and understand the key principles of the approach. You will receive unit tests C++/C# code samples and techniques how to create unit tests.

You will learn when and how to apply this development approach.


General understanding of testing goals and objectives

Learn unit tests framework: NUnit Test Framework for C# / GoogleTest for C++

Practice of Test-Driven Development

Learn to use TDD patterns

Application development using TDD

Target Audience

Designed for developers (no restrictions to development platform).

Useful for both developers who already have experience in unit testing and want to use TDD practices.


At least 1 year of development experience


Introduction to Software Testing

What exactly is the testing of software?

What will we discover while testing?

Testing Classifications

Software Testing Principles

Test-Driven Development Approach

Workflow of the Test-Driven Development Process

Unit Test Frameworks

Introduction to TDD Kata

Test-Driven Development Patterns and Anti-Patterns

F.I.R.S.T Principles of unit testing

Legacy code & unit tests

A certificate will be issued after completing the course.

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